Antenatal Screening

Antenatal Screening

Why is early screening for CCHD so important? Most babies are born with healthy hearts, and have enough oxygen in their blood. About 1 baby in 100 is born with heart defect. Approximately of these children will have CCHDwhen a baby’s heart or major blood vessels do not form properly. A critical additional reading defect is one that needs urgent treatment to have the best outcome. Some babies with CCHD are diagnosed with their heart defect during the pregnancy by an ultrasound , but many are not diagnosed until after they are born. Ultrasounds during pregnancy do not detect all types of heart defects. Babies born with CCHD check this site out may look and act healthy at first, but within hours or days after birth they can have serious complications if left untreated. Measuring the oxygen level in the baby can help detect the heart defect. Screening a newborn using pulse oximetrymakes it possible for the heart defect to be identified earlybefore the baby gets sick from the defect.

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